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Border Security

Qual-Tron systems help protect and secure borders around the world. Situational Awareness is of prime importance to the Border Police and of Agents.

Situational Awareness Radio Ranges

Qual-Tron provides several radios as well as different ways to relay information to distant command centers via RF, cellular, and satellite.


Whether a look-out post is occupied, or vacated, Qual-Tron sensors have been standard equipment for making sure intrusions are detected and posts are secure. In addition, QTI can differentiate between vehicles and personnel.

Forest Service and National Parks

Qual-Tron systems are used in National Parks and Forest Service property around the world to identify, locate and capture poachers and intruders.

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  • Perimeter Breach Detection
  • Monitor Roads / Trails
  • Early Threat Detection

Protecting What Matters

Natural Resources
  • Monitor Roads / Trails
  • Suspicious Activity Detection
  • Tracking

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Border Security
  • Perimeter Breach Detection
  • Monitor Roads
  • Trespassing Alert System